Ed Harcourt

For me, music’s so important in raising spirits. Whenever I’ve felt a little bit down about something, I’ve always turned to music. Samaritans is quite dear to me. This album will hopefully contribute to the funding.

Be Not So Fearful

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The irrepressible Ed Harcourt shines again on his fifth full album, LUSTRE, released on Piano Wolf. He’s found a brand new energy source and muse while at the same time mastering his craft. “It’s an album about action, life, the lustre that you have in your eyes when you’re feel you’re living for something,” he says. “The title song itself is inspired by the birth of my daughter, and seeing something so amazingly pure and innocent, feeling it reflect back on myself and realising I perhaps hadn’t been that pure and innocent in years. It’s easy to be cynical and jaded, but this is about optimism, control and confidence.”

Lustre in your eyes every morning… lustre from the day you were born…

Ed entered the sometimes vile jelly of the public eye with his 2001 debut Here Be Monsters, which was nominated for the Mercury Prize and announced him as a singer, songwriter and musician of rare talent and wit. There followed three more albums for Heavenly Records - 2003’s diverse and ambitious From Every Sphere, 2004’s shadowy and romantic Strangers and 2006’s sometimes euphoric, sometimes anguished The Beautiful Lie. There was also a compilation of b-sides and unreleased tracks, Elephant’s Graveyard, and in 2007 a “best of” named Until Tomorrow Then. Playing piano, guitar, drums and anything else that came to hand, he displayed remarkable musical chops, adistinctive, engaging voice and a gift for arrangement on these polished yet emotional records, which refused to fall comfortably into any identifiable niche.